Five true-talented High Powered
performance musicians 

that deliver outstanding entertainment 

while pumping out all the best 
chart-topping dance hits.
Come join us at our show,
and party non-stop to the music from 4MORE!


is Daniell DuBois
Jeff T Powell, Chris Korzin, and Robert Lovy,

combining  quality musicianship
and high energy performance
to bring Live To The Stage
100% top-of-the-music-charts dance hits
for party people everywhere!

  gives you the very best
first class production, professional reliability,
exceptional entertainment and
outstanding talent,
ideal for sharing the dance floor with friends or
"that special someone",

and the clear entertainment choice
for your Casino Show, Dance Club, or Private Party.

With  ,  
you're always in the Right place at the Right time!!
Come with us to See, Hear, Feel and Experience
"The Musical Magic That's Guaranteed 
To Captivate The Crowd"

Because after all;

You Wanna Dance....We Got'cha Covered! © 



We'll Let Ya' Know When & Where You Go To See A 4MORE Show!

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