Five true talented powerhouse performance musicians that deliver outstanding live entertainment while pumping out all your favorite cutting edge chart topping dance hits. Come join us at our show, and party non stop to the beats from 4MORE!


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This Weekend! 
October 9th & 10th
Showtime 9:30 PM!!
 "It's Time To Get Some Getaway Fun Done at Lake Chelan" 
4MORE" in The Mill Bay Casino 4 a fantastic
all-night-party weekend! Come on over to Mill Bay
 and discover
great dining, dancing, gaming and the 
Very Best in Live Showband Dancin' Music.
Eastern Washington's 
Premier Casino is there 4 you with
non-stop entertainment, heart-pounding excitement,
and all your best friends, so 
put on your "happy feet"
and get to the Heat Night Club 
'cause you know
"You Wanna Dance....We Got 'cha Covered! ©


4MORE LIVE! "We Found Love"

See "4MORE Live!" Videos HERE!

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